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Jiangxi Lizhi Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd.

Company Profile:
Professional pipe dredging: dredging water and sewage plugs, dredging sewers, floor drain dredging, toilet dredging, vegetable pond dredging, municipal dredging Many, only by using a winch to winch out the oil inside can be kept unblocked for a long time.
Cleaning septic tanks: Nanchang pumping trucks for pumping septic tanks, cleaning of septic tanks, cleaning of oil traps, pumping of septic tanks, etc. Jiefang Dongfeng 4.5-ton pumping, 130-type pumping, 104-type sanitation convoy, mechanized septic tank cleaning, one-time septic tank cleaning by septic pumping, septic pumping, and Jindun invites property, community, hotel, and hotel , Building, school, unit long-term contract cooperation. Work process pipeline high-pressure cleaning: professional cleaning and clearing various sewers with a diameter of 80-600 mm. Thoroughly solve large blockages caused by various reasons such as oil blocks, sediment, etc., suitable for cleaning municipal rainwater pipelines, cleaning sewage pipes, factory sewage pipeline cleaning, Nanchang municipal pipeline cleaning, industrial chemical cleaning, industrial boiler cleaning, etc.

Company details:
category: Unblocking the life service pipeline
Area: Nanchang , Jiangxi
company name: Jiangxi Lizhi Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd.
English name: JXLZHB
Phone: 15707916909
Fax: 15170061372
address: Nanchang, Jiangxi
Contact: He Bin
Company Website:
Storage time: 2019-03-28 16:24:41
User: 15707916909
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