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Danyang Ali E-commerce Co., Ltd.

Company Profile:
Ali glasses is a group enterprise, which includes Danyang Ali E-commerce Co., Ltd., Nanjing Branch, Shanghai Branch, Qingdao Ali Glasses Co., Ltd. and so on. Adhering to the business philosophy of "customer first, integrity management, genuine goods and complete variety", the Group has integrated its online and offline channels with its strong comprehensive operation strength for many years, and has combined domestic and foreign eyewear brands and institutions to provide buyers and sellers. Providing one-stop services, innovative models, excellent quality and considerate service has won a good reputation from many consumers.

Company details:
category: Stylistic office glasses
Area: Zhenjiang , Jiangsu
company name: Danyang Ali E-commerce Co., Ltd.
English name: Danyang Ali Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.
Phone: 0511-86521298
Fax: 0511-86521298
address: No.161 Zhongshan Road, Yunyang Street, Danyang City
Contact: Manager Gao
Company Website:
Storage time: 2019-08-19 11:25:56
User: aliyj888
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