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Nanjing Lanjiang Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd.

Company Profile:
Company profile Nanjing Lanjiang Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer dedicated to the design and development, production, sales and integration of sewage treatment equipment. The company is located in the northern suburb of Nanjing, next to the Ningtong Expressway, and has a scenic Qiancang Industrial Park, No. 2 Da Cao Road. The company's leading products are: mixing series: QJB submersible mixer, FQJB pontoon mixer. Submersible thruster. Vertical circulation mixer. Hyperboloid mixer. Slurry (frame) mixer. Submersible aeration series: jet aerator, centrifugal aerator, QFB type float aerator. Float agitator, deep water aerator. Containment conveying series: mechanical grille, crushing grille, shaftless screw conveyor, screw press, sand settling machine, sand-water separator. Scraper suction machine series: peripheral drive, center drive, driving type, siphon type scraper suction suction machine, decanter, gate, underground sewage treatment equipment. Submersible pump series: AS, WQ, AF submersible sewage pump, QJB-W sludge return pump, ZQB, HQB submersible shaft, mixed flow pump, RJC long shaft deep well pump, QRJ well submersible pump and other sewage treatment equipment. Has extensive production experience and technology in fluid processing systems. Products are widely used in water environmental protection, monitoring, sewage treatment, petroleum, municipal water supply and drainage and infrastructure construction and other industrial projects and water conservancy, power stations and agricultural irrigation projects.
Nanjing Lanjiang Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive sewage treatment equipment manufacturer. The company provides innovative technology and product solutions for users in 34 provinces and cities, allows more users to enjoy various services, and makes its own contribution to the sewage treatment industry.
The company always implements the business ideas of technological innovation, winning by quality, serving the society and returning to nature; the marketing concept of seeking the market with integrity, and striving to achieve customer satisfaction. The company has more than 20 acres of workshops and has a number of high-level designers, technicians and engineers. We will use modern management methods for the pursuit of product perfection; corporate image, unremitting efforts to create a green civilization, you and I go hand in hand to create the future!

QJB submersible mixer, submersible thruster, vertical circulating mixer, hyperboloid mixer, QJB-W sludge return pump, paddle (frame) mixer submersible aerator (jet aerator, centrifugal aerator), float Stirring aerator, deep-water aerator, mechanical grille, crushing grille, shaftless screw conveyor, screw press, sand settler, sand drive, peripheral drive, center drive, traveling type, siphon type Special equipment such as scraper suction, decanter, gate, buried sewage treatment

Company details:
category: Environmental Paper Wastewater Treatment Equipment
Area: Nanjing , Jiangsu
company name: Nanjing Lanjiang Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd.
English name: Nanjing Lanjiang Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd.
Phone: 025-57659003
Fax: 025-57653626
address: No. 1-3, Qiancang Community, Xiongzhou Street, Liuhe District, Nanjing
Contact: Yang Qing
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