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Meizhou Ruiming Technology Co., Ltd.

Company Profile:
RiMiQC is a professional third-party inspection and quality project management company. Adhering to the fair, professional, scientific, rigorous, efficient and high-quality service concept, we provide professional third-party inspection, factory assessment, container supervision and installation, and quality management consulting services for multinational buyers, export trading companies, and domestic enterprises. The company has a team of more than 68 senior engineers stationed in major cities across the country, from Monday to weekend to provide you with comprehensive and attentive service. It allows you to grasp the real-time situation of the factory at any time and give correct instructions to the factory in a timely manner to ensure that the products can be shipped on time with better quality, eliminating your worries.

Company details:
category: Other industriesOther industries
Area: Meizhou , Guangdong
company name: Meizhou Ruiming Technology Co., Ltd.
English name: JSD Inspection Services Limited
Phone: 13528660093
address: 2 Dongcheng North First Street, Xingning City, Guangdong Province
Contact: David
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Storage time: 2020-01-08 20:47:36
User: rimiqc
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