Mingzhan Online Help Manual

, Member registration <br> This site provides a member registration module. If you choose to register a member successfully, you will have the information release, product release, company release, website release, website search, traffic exchange, member data management of this site. And many other rights.

, Website publishing <br> Website publishing is an important service provided by this site. At present, website publishing only provides registration and publishing functions for websites with top-level domain names. The modification and deletion functions are not provided for the time being. Please check and fill in the information before submission. If you find If you have questions about the website information you filled in, please contact our administrator.

, Favorites <br> Favorites is an important service provided by this site. This site has a lot of information. You may have seen a lot of important information on this site. At the same time, you must record it. The function of this site's favorites is to help you. Record this important information.

, Site traffic exchange <br> Many users may own your corporate website or personal website, but because there is no time to promote, there are very few visitors. This site's special website traffic exchange function helps you increase your site traffic and bring more Business.

, Information promotion <br> If you have special information promotion, you can contact us directly. Please click Contact Us at the bottom of the page to see the contact information of this site.
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