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County Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital Air Energy Hot Water System Project

product description:
The air-energy heat pump of Jiangsu Omelang Company has a good running effect. It can be used regardless of rainy weather. It guarantees a daily supply of 60 tons of hot water. The water temperature is constant and comfortable. It has been recognized by medical personnel, patients and their families, and is in line with the hospital. Operational requirements.

With the improvement of air energy technology and the continuous promotion and popularization of the air energy industry, in recent years, no matter whether it is the stability of product quality, the reliability of product performance, technological innovation, or its market acceptance, China has made great improvements. Take the commercial hot water market as an example. In places with large water consumption such as hospitals, hotels, hotels, schools, etc., air-energy heat pumps are widely used.

The thermal energy absorbed by the hot water equipment used in the hospital hot water project heats the cold water in the heated water tank to the set temperature. The temperature sensor is used to automatically control the unit's operating state according to the set water temperature to ensure that the water temperature of the tank is set for a long time.

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product name: County Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital Air Energy Hot Water System Project
category: Industry Comprehensive Industry Comprehensive
Area: Wuxi , Jiangsu
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Date: 2020-01-07 10:36:24
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company name: Jiangsu Omailang Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
Phone: 13915001017
address: No. 3 Nanxun Road, Lutu Town, Jiangyin, Jiangsu Province
Contact: Mr. Gu
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