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Gansu Wuyi used 1600 heavy shredder 270,000 low-cost processing

product description:
Tongfeng waste angle steel shredder, angle iron shredder is mainly composed of worm gear motor, casing, frame, combined spiral tooth cutter, driving shaft, driven shaft, large gear, pinion and other parts. According to user requirements and suggestions, we can design and process equipment models that are most suitable for your business. Angle steel shredder, angle iron shredder can also crush cans, cola cans, beer cans, beverage cans, paint buckets, pig iron powder, alloys, ferrosilicon powder, bottle caps, circuit boards, waste mobile phone batteries and other fragile metals materials. There are many types of shredders, such as shear shredders, roller-shredders, shredders, coarse shredders, etc. The most common is a shredder, which has two to four knife shafts, mainly relying on shears and Cut principle to complete the crushing process. The roll-cut crusher is equipped with multiple blades on a rotating knife roll, and forms a counter-cut with a fixed blade. A twin-shaft shredder production line is used to complete the crushing effect of the material. The moving hook is used to tear the garbage material mainly for coarse crushing. Shredder applications generally include: 1. Shred unqualified products into smaller pieces for recycling 2. Reduce raw material volume for mixing with other materials 3. Shred organic matter to make biofuel 3. Shred some textile materials to facilitate the reuse of fibers, such as shredding of carpets. It simplifies complex procedures, brings convenience to people, and brings great benefits to the factory. No one is perfect, and so is the factory. Whether the shredder can achieve high efficiency during the entire operation depends mainly on the blade. Because if the knife is blunt and worn, the double-shaft shredder enterprise must stop working, so the blade is the core of the shredder. Therefore, it is of great significance to detect and maintain the blades. Pay special attention to whether the lubricant is insufficient. If the lubricant is insufficient, it will cause poor operation. Therefore, when the lubricant of the blade parts is found to be insufficient, care should be taken to use the lubricant for maintenance. In this way, the operation of the shredder can be made smoother, and proper inspection and maintenance of the shredder blade can be performed, and the double-shaft shredder can improve efficiency and efficiency

Product details:
product name: Wuyi, Gansu used 1600 heavy shredder 270,000 low
category: Machinery and hardware special equipment for other industries
Region: Wuwei , Gansu
Level: Level 1 Reference Price: 270000
Specification: Set Supply quantity: 3
Supply Ability: Daily Release Date: 2020-01-08 10:03:20
Validity period: Long-term effective release User: tongfengjixie
Release IP:

company name: Gongyi Tongfeng Machinery Factory
Phone: 13027712563
Fax: 0371-64588805
address: Xiaobei Industrial Development Zone, Gongyi City, Henan Province
Contact: Fu Bin
Company Website:
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