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How to apply for labor dispatch qualification in Hebei District of Tianjin

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Conditions for applying for a labor dispatch permit:
1.The registered capital shall not be less than RMB 2 million;
2.There are fixed operating places and facilities suitable for conducting business;
3.A labor dispatch management system that complies with the laws and administrative regulations;
4. Other conditions stipulated by laws and administrative regulations

Dispatch refers to labor output, and can also be referred to as labor dispatch. Dispatch is the legal employer of the dispatching company as the employee. The employer signs the labor dispatch agreement with the dispatching company. The employer is responsible for the job management of the dispatched company. The dispatch company is responsible for the personnel management of the dispatched employee, that is, most of the personnel administration of the employer. It usually includes the procedures for employment and withdrawal, dispatch of wages, various types of social insurance, housing provident fund, withholding of personal income tax, payment of benefits, transfer of files, and implementation of household registration. To achieve the maximum human resources management benefits for labor units, "Employees do not care for others, employment does not support others, increase efficiency without increasing expenditure".

For details, please contact-Manager Zhang Address: Jinta Office Building, Heping District, Tianjin

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