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Reduce wrinkles, smooth and delicate skin

Information introduction:
Keyu Chuangyan has a private consultant dedicated to customers to provide professional consulting services for your product skin care concept. Oem peptide stock solution oem processing, online experience, consultation, personalized skincare education and other health skincare product planning designed for customer brand requirements. Professional formulators first design customized formulas based on customer-submitted requirements. Tailor-made products meet your requirements before they are produced.

EGF oligopeptide stock extract can promote the proliferation of dermal fiber cells and increase skin elasticity; promote cell regeneration, make the skin smooth and tender, and reduce wrinkles;

Strengthen the skin barrier to resist damage from foreign harmful substances; speed up the repair process, repair after sun, repair acne (prevent scar formation), poor makeup

Repair after injury; improve microcirculation, promote the discharge of metabolic waste, reduce lipofuscin deposition, lighten scars and improve skin texture. Reduce wrinkles, smooth and delicate skin

The quality of EGF oligopeptide stock solution is mild, without adding ingredients such as pigments, flavors, hormones, alcohol, fluorescent agents, etc., the pH value is similar to human skin, safe

Effective, directly affects the skin, suitable for sensitive muscles; used with other skin care products can promote absorption, enhance moisturizing and moisturizing; use with cosmetics

Take care of your skin while applying makeup.

EGF oligopeptide stock extract is endowed with high-precision technology, which is combined with a variety of plants to nourish and brighten the essence.

Protects the skin, promotes the absorption of the muscle bottom, and allows the damaged skin to heal faster.

The main ingredients:

Oligopeptide-1: Oligopeptide-1 is a highly active small molecule peptide that can be called the scientific research ingredient of the beauty repair master, which can help improve skin self-repair

Power, so as to dilute acne marks, repair acne pits, and make skin smooth and delicate.

Nicotinamide: accelerates the metabolism of skin cells and promotes the shedding of black keratinocytes. Acts on the melanin that has been produced, reducing its fineness to the surface

Cell transfer. Promote the synthesis of protein in the epidermal layer and improve skin texture.

Centella Asiatica Extract: Promotes the regeneration of skin collagen, can enhance the vitality of the cell base layer, and maintain skin elasticity and firmness. It can also adjust

Reduce skin immunity, reduce melanin deposits, renew skin cell regeneration, and increase skin's water retention.

The oligopeptide stock extract is effective in anti-aging, dilute fine lines, and firm and relax the skin; sun protection and repair after sun, reduce the damage to the skin caused by ultraviolet radiation, reduce

Reduces dark spots on the skin after sun exposure.

The oligopeptide stock solution can have a good compatibility with the skin, can effectively absorb nutrients, and form a protective film on the skin surface, which can better maintain

Stabilize your skin and keep it alive.

Keyu Chuangyan oligopeptide stock solution OEM, always grasp the development trend of international cosmetics, and actively innovate. The products developed so far not only cover daily beauty care and beauty repair series, but also have expanded to the beauty and health series, spare no effort for each A beauty person creates a healthy, effective, and diverse skincare experience.

product description:
Product: Oligopeptide stock solution OEM processing specifications: normal specifications or customized according to customer's request Sample: can provide samples or trial loading proofing formula / packaging material: provided by the factory or provided by the customer Unit price: negotiable

OEM processing method of oligopeptide stock solution:

1.Customer your brand to Keyu processing

2.Available for processing according to samples, packaging materials, formulas, etc.

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name: Reduce wrinkles, smooth and delicate skin
Type: Supply
category: Pharmaceutical health cosmetics
Area: Guangzhou , Guangdong
User: keyucy
Date: 2020-01-08 17:20:06
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